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Polymer Preparation and Dosing Systems for the Production of Hygienic Papers.

Project location:
Al Nakheel, Abu Dhabi


Systems used
Polyelektrolyte preparation and dosing systems POLYMAT V8polymer solution dosing skid and secondary dilution system 

The POLYMAT V8 is a three-chamber-flow-throug system for continuous and discontinuous operation.

Al Nakheel Hygienic Paper Manufacturing Company uses POLYMAT V8 systems for polymer preparation and dosing.

In 2016 Al Nakheel Company started to build a new production facility in Abu Dhabi. The production is scheduled to start in 2017. “The facility is targeting an initial production capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year in the first phase with the potential to double its capacity to 120,000 tonnes per year in the second phase in the coming three to four years.” (

Preparation of powdery polymer with polymer solution dosing skid and secondary dilution system.

For the preparation of powdery polymers at Al Nakheel paper plant, the three-chamber flow-through system POLYMAT V8 with powder conveyor type AIRLIFT, polymer solution dosing skid and secondary dilution system are used.

Dosing of additives for optimal wet strength.

With a dosing station suitable for wall mounting, additives are dosed to optimize the wet strength of the hygienic paper.

The application of three-chamber flow-through system POLYMAT is cost-effective and reliable.

The POLYMAT preparation system is a fully automatic polyelectrolyte solution plant, for continuous or intermitted operation, according to the three-chamber flow-through principle.

In standard execution the plant is designed to dissolve powdery or liquid products – a combined use is also possible. Also in Abu Dhabi the plant is delivered completely assembled and tested, with wiring and piping, according to the valid regulations CE, VDE and DIN.

The system essentially consists of a three chamber flow-through tank made of PPH, with agitator crossarms, three inspection openings, drain conduit with valves and overflow, dry material feeder for powder and granulates. The powder is protected against humidity by a thermic protection at the discharge side.

A dynamic mixing system with antifoam feature built-in the mixing chamber guarantees for an optimal dispersion and agitation of the solution.

The switch cabinet uses PLC to control and monitor the complete system. The operation of the system is done by means of a touch screen.

The proportional control of solution water and polyelectrolyte guarantees for a constant solution concentration.

A high quality of the polymer solution is achieved by ensuring an optimal mixing of powder and dissolving water.


Project location:
Svetogorsk, Russia


Systems used
Twin tank system, dosing system and post dilution

The twin-tank system is a continuously operating preparation system for liquid polymer. 

Twin tank system, dosing station and post-dilution.

Alltech provides for one of the largest pulp and paper production sites in Russia, a liquid polymer preparation system including solution dosing system with post-dilution.

The latest generation of equipment and systems are used here. The 200 hectare area includes three pulp mills, two paper machines and a paper cutting machine for the formats A3 and A4.

Optimum preparation of the product.

The twin-tank system is a continuously operating preparation system for liquid polymer based on a pendulum system of 2 tanks operating in batches, with agitators and automatic filling and discharge switch-over system.

The twin tanks of 2 x 2000 liters capacity are designed for fully automatic operation and continuous discharge of the prepared polyelectrolyte solution.

The produced solution is prepared so that the optimum maturation of the product is ensured using the smallest possible volume.

The storage tanks are made of PP and manufactured according to the regulations of the DVS, the German Association for welding and allied processes e. V.

The twin-tank system has been completely wired and tested in our facilities.

The scope of supply also included the complete dosing skid with post-dilution system and local electrical control panel.


Project location:


Systems used
Polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing system CONTINUFLOC

For the use of preparation and dosing systems it is important to customers to save resources. Through the optimum product combination and guaranteed maturity time polymer is saved without affecting the efficiency of the process, as the polymer price development is coupled with oil prices, it is expedient to keep this in mind and to use saving opportunities.


Two fully automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing systems CONTINUFLOC with an output of 16,000 l/h (max.) respectively of ready to use polyelectrolyte solution are used in the production of corrugated paper. The full concept of the paper machine is designed for an economical use of raw materials and operating agents. The CONTINUFLOC plants assist in this approach. The precisely dosed polyelectrolyte solution is used as a retention agent for dewatering in the paper machine, this enables a higher performance in the production of corrugated paper, a higher product quality and a lower use of chemicals.


With the development of the CONTINUFLOC V8 numerous new features were implemented that opened potential to save costs. The re-designed agitators lead to an improved mixing of polymer while at the same time increasing energy efficiency. New is also the chemical wetting and dilution system that leads to an improved dispersion of the flocculation agent and therefore increase the effectiveness. The impeller positioning at the bottom for the tank ensures a quiet agitation process. The lower strain on the drive and tank lead to less wear. The optimised form of the product addition line does not only improve operating safety but also reduces the need for cleaning.

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