Municipal wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants.

Efficient dosing technology for water/wastewater treatment.

Municipal wastewater treatment refers to the process of cleaning wastewater primarily generated from households and public facilities such as schools and hospitals. This wastewater typically contains a mixture of organic substances like feces, urine, paper, and food waste, as well as chemicals such as cleaning agents and medication residues. The goal of municipal wastewater treatment is to remove these contaminants before the water is discharged into the environment.

Process of wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants.

Mechanical pretreatment

The wastewater is initially passed through a coarse pretreatment. Here, coarse solids such as stones, sticks, and debris are filtered out. A bar screen removes larger objects, while a grit chamber collects sand and gravel.

Biological treatment

The treated wastewater is now directed to a biological treatment stage where it comes into contact with microorganisms. These microorganisms, including bacteria, break down organic substances in the wastewater and produce sludge, which is collected and disposed of in the treatment plant.


In the next step, the treated water is directed into a sedimentation basin. Here, solids and sediments settle down. The sludge generated during the biological treatment also settles down in this stage.

Source: Schölzel Consulting


To remove remaining particles, the water is passed through sand or activated carbon filters in the filtration process.


To eliminate microorganisms as well, the water is typically disinfected through UV light or chlorine treatment. After disinfection, it is usually discharged into a river or another body of water.


Some wastewater treatment plants also integrate processes for nutrient recovery, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from the wastewater. These nutrients can be used as fertilizers or for energy generation in biogas plants.

Alltech products and solutions for municipal wastewater treatment:

Coagulant dosing

Coagulation (flocculation)

Solid dewatering

Antifoam dosing:

Treatment and dosing of powdered activated carbon:

  • PREPADOS suspension preparation system
  • FKM piston-diaphragm dosing pumps
  • Complete dosing systems
  • Piston-diaphragm dosing pumps

Hydrogen peroxide dosing:

Biocide dosing:

Treatment and dosing of urea:

Alltech reference projects in wastewater treatment plants

Comprehensive project support

Alltech provides end-to-end project management in municipal wastewater treatment, including planning, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning. They also assist with on-site TÜV acceptance and provide comprehensive training to wastewater treatment plant staff on the operation of the entire dosing technology.

The Groß Düngen sewage treatment plant.

The dosing station and Continufloc v9 optimize the wastewater treatment at the Groß Düngen sewage treatment plant.