Application-specific storage and dosing stations.

Alltech storage and dosing stations are designed for a range of applications and chemicals. As Alltech Dosieranlagen GmbH is a specialist manufacturer under the Water Resources Act, we are certified to manufacture, install and service the systems below.

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Phosphate Elimination Systems

The Alltech phosphate elimination system is a complete system for phosphate elimination, consisting of storage tank (with design certification) and dosing station with safety devices and PROCON control system.

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Dosing Stations

Our dosing stations stand out through their compact design. The dosing stations are fully pre-assembled, piped, wired and test at our works in Weingarten.

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Storage Stations

Alltech Dosieranlagen offer storage stations in numerous designs. Storage tanks are available in cylindrical and cubic form made of PE, PP, PVDF or PVC.

Application areas:

Phosphate elimination systems

Neutralisation systems

Water treatment plants

Waste water treatment plants

Cooling water treatment systems

Paper manufacture