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Dosing Stations


Our dosing stations stand out with their compact design. The dosing stations are pre-assembled, including wiring and piping and tested at our works in Weingarten. They can be mounted onto a wall, on the floor or in a protection cabinet. The chemical-proof protection cabinet guarantees a high-level of safety for operators and environment, irrespective of whether the dosing station is placed indoors or outdoors.

Application examples

Dosing of flocculation agents for the removal of suspended solids

The dosing stations are equipped with the robust and proven piston-diaphragm metering pumps model FKM. The required dosing output is selectable and adapted to the process requirements.

The dosing capacity is controlled by one or two external 4-20mA signals or via the programmable dosing output control system PROCON V3.

Your benefit: Alltech attaches particular importance to a long product lifecycle as well as to the exchangeability of individual system components when needed.

Units for the dosing of acid and caustic for neutralisation

For the dosing stations for acids and caustic the required dosing capacities can be selected to correspond to the specific process requirements.

The control of the output capacity is achieved by 

  • manual stroke length adjustment or
  • adjustment via actuator 250V/50-60Hz or via stroke-length positioning system type SERVOSET, 0/4-20mA
  • frequency adjustment via 0/4-20mA or both
  • adjustment via pulse length by the proportional controller TRIGGOMAT C2

Dosing units for precipitants for phosphate elimination

The dosing stations with the robust piston-diaphragm metering pumps FKM can be installed in a PE protection cabinet for outdoor installation, with static calculation for wind and snow load. The protective cabinet is walkable, equipped with lighting, ventilation, heating and automatic suction. This makes the operation of the system very comfortable. In addition, not only the dosing line, including the control and vacuum pump, but also the operating personnel is well protected against weather influences.

The automatic suction device facilitates the easy operation. The long-lasting vacuum pump is also located in the protection cabinet.

Optimised chemical consumption with the PROCON dosing output control system

With PROCON the chemical consumption can be reduced even without an online phosphate measurement. The dosing output control system has been developed for the optimised control of dosing pumps through an external analogue signal or by means of trendlining. Core of the PROCON is an easy-to-use touch screen.


Dosing unit with piston-diaphragm pumps, built-in a protective cabinet.
Dosing unit for floor mounting. Completely pre-assembled with control cabinet for operation and monitoring.
Dosing unit, built-in a chemical-resistant enclosure, splash protection.
Dosing Station in Safety Bund
with WHG Certification
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