Solution systems for solution and dosing salts.

The solution preparation plant for salts with integrated dosing station SOLEMAT was specially designed with a salt reserve of approx. 500 kg for the demands of treatment plants with a population of up to 6000 people. Due to its compact size the plant can also subsequently installed through small openings. The semiautomatic system (saturation principle) facilitates through its contact water meter with a subtraction counter and integrated nozzle frame in the tank for a homogenous and good dissolving of ferric salts. Hereby a constant saturation is achieved.



  • Reserve volume: 500 l
  • Saturation concentration: dependent on product and temperature
  • Operating water : technically clean , min. 2bar
  • System fully equipped with switch cabinet, wiring and piping

Components and methods of operation as described in the “Solution preparation system for (ferric) salts and granulates” flow diagram (under Downloads).


Solution preparation systems for salts