Maximum process reliability for chlorinators.

Our chlorine gas dosing systems are based on the vacuum safety principle and comply with the current regulations. Our systems stand out through the high safety standard and corrosion resistance, combined with low maintenance requirements.

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Gas safety dosing system VACUTROL

The VACUTROL type vacuum safety dosing systems are produced in accordance with DIN 19606.

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Change over device (CHANGOMAT)

To change between tanks we offer both a pressure safety change-over device for liquid or gaseous Cl2 and also a vacuum safety tank change-over device.

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Control and regulating station DOSITROL

The DOSITROL control and regulating station is suitable for VACUTROL dosing systems.

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Safety evaporator CSE

When higher dosing outputs are required, e.g. over 40 kg Cl2/h, our compact evaporators are available to provide a continuous gas supply.

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If due to an exceptional situation a gas leak arose, this would be the case of application of the scrubber.