Solutions for drinking water treatment.

Sophisticated dosing technology for drinking water treatment

The efficient treatment of surface water requires a combination of technical, chemical, and biological processes. The goal is to ensure that the water is safe and clean. Initially, parameters such as pH value, temperature, turbidity, oxygen content, nutrients, and pollutants are measured and monitored.

Crucial steps in water treatment.

Removal of solids

Surface water needs to be initially cleared of solids such as dirt, sand, and leaves. This can be achieved through pre-treatment using screens, rakes, or sedimentation tanks.

Removal of pollutants

After the removal of solids, pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and organic compounds need to be eliminated. This can be achieved through various methods such as adsorption, oxidation, filtration, or biological treatment.


To ensure that the water is free from pathogens, it needs to be disinfected. This is typically done using chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, or chlorine dioxide.

Monitoring and post-treatment

After the treatment, the water needs to be continuously monitored to ensure it meets quality standards.

To treat microbiologically contaminated surface water from rivers or lakes into drinking water, it needs to undergo a multi-stage process. Alltech dosing systems contribute to the efficient surface treatment during flocculation and filtration processes. Subsequently, disinfection of the contaminated raw water takes place.

Alltech products for drinking water treatment:

Coagulation (flocculation)



Processing and dosing of activated carbon powder:

  • PREPADOS suspension preparation system
  • FKM piston-diaphragm dosing pumps
  • Complete dosing systems
  • Piston-diaphragm dosing pumps

Dosing of hydrogen peroxide:

Alltech reference projects in drinking water treatment

Comprehensive project support

Alltech provides end-to-end project management and support for drinking water projects. From planning to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning, Alltech oversees the entire process. We also assist with on-site inspections and acceptance by TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) and provide comprehensive training for wastewater treatment plant staff on the operation of the entire dosing technology.