Process wastewater and CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning in the food industry.

High-quality dosing technology for food production

The food industry imposes strict requirements on the purity of water used in food production. The water must be free from organic and inorganic contaminants, heavy metals, microorganisms, and other harmful substances. The type of wastewater varies depending on the type of food processing and requires a differentiated treatment method accordingly. For example, wastewater from meat processing plants may have higher organic load compared to wastewater from grain processing plants. The water used in food production should naturally not have any undesirable taste or odor that could affect the quality of the final product.

Important factors of water treatment in the food industry


Pre-treatment involves the use of screening processes, sedimentation tanks, and grease separators to remove solids and oils from the wastewater before it enters the main treatment facility.

Main treatment

Main treatment involves the biological or chemical treatment of wastewater to degrade organic and inorganic compounds and purify the wastewater to an acceptable level.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal is a crucial factor in wastewater treatment in the food industry. Waste products from the treatment process can be reused or used as fertilizer, while unusable waste needs to be safely disposed of.

Environmental regulations

The food industry is subject to a variety of environmental regulations and laws that govern wastewater treatment and waste disposal. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in significant fines and a tarnished reputation.


The costs of wastewater treatment can be significant and depend on the type and volume of wastewater, as well as the treatment methods employed. Effective management of wastewater treatment costs can help reduce operational expenses for the food industry.

Alltech products for water treatment in the food industry.:

Coagulation (flocculation)

Solid dewatering


Dosage of defoamers:

Dosage of hydrogen peroxide:

Alltech reference projects in the food-producing industry

Comprehensive project support from a single source

Alltech carries out water treatment projects in food-generating industries from planning to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. They also provide on-site support for TÜV acceptance and provide comprehensive training to wastewater treatment plant staff during the commissioning of the entire dosing technology.