The Solution - Demand-Based and Economical.


Scrubber for neutralisation of chlorine gas

If due to an exceptional situation a gas leak arose, this would be the case of application of the scrubber.

For the neutralization process e.g. caustic soda is used. This is pumped with a circulating pump into the scrubber system.

The gas is aspirated by a fan and neutralized in counterflow in the scrubber.

The capacity of the circulation pump and also the fan is controlled as a function of the chlorine gas concentration in the operating environment.

Completely assembled and tested

The main components of the scrubber are

  • 2 tanks made of PE for neutralization liquid,  with level indicator
  • scrubber tower made of PE with neutralization column with transparent PVC sight glasses
  • circulation pump for the scrubbing liquid, designed as submersible pump and built-into the storage tank for neutralization liquid
  • circulation line with flowmeter, adjustable limit switch and  distribution nozzle
  • exhaust air connection with sleeve and demister and drain line for the condensate
  • exhaust fan made of PE with frequency control

 The scrubber is completely pre-assembled and tested.

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