Process and storage tanks according to DIBt and WHG.

Alltech Dosieranlagen GmbH has DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology) approval to construct tanks and collecting basins. Our storage tanks and safety bunds are certified in accordance with the Water Resources Act.

Our services include construction, production and documentation. Especially, we offer tanks and bunds for the use in earthquake-prone areas. We are pleased to accept orders for special constructions and designs to suit your requirements! Contact us.

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Rectangular tanks

Rectangular tanks are available as open or closed models with volumes of up to 15 m³ in the materials PE, PP, PVC or PVDF.

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Cylindrical tanks

Cylindrical tanks are available open or closed with a volume of up to 50 m³. These are available in the materials PE, PP, PVC or PVDF.

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Mother tanks

Mother tanks ensure greater safety when using IBCs. This is a storage system for the safe handling of standard IBCs.