Mother tanks for safe handling.

Mother Tanks ensure more safety when using IBCs. This is a storage system for the safe handling of standard IBCs. The IBCs are positioned directly on the tank with the aid of a forklift or lift and completely emptied into this.

The volume of the tank allows a new IBC to be emptied with a liquid reserve of 10-50 % in the container. Hereby a continual supply of the dosing system can be ensured and the timing of the transfer does not require continual monitoring.


  • 2 m³ PE100 tank with an IBC placement device, inspection opening, filling connection, overflow with siphon, vent, mechanical level indication
  • 2 m³ PE100 integral safety bund prevents environmental pollution in the event of spillage
  • Other equipment (for example discharge, ultrasound level meter, agitator) available upon request
  • With general design certification from the DIBt in accordance with the Water Resources Act


Mother Tank

Mother Tank and Dosing Station for Chemicals built in a Container