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„Maintenance was performed without problem. Your employees acted as great contact persons. Very positive impression from me!“ (D. Uloth, ZVWW, Schwarzenberg)

Professional inspection, servicing, testing and maintenance from the manufacturer 
For all products supplied by Alltech you receive inspection, servicing, testing and maintenance directly from the manufacturer. You have a contact person and can be sure that all service and maintenance services are professionally conducted. 

Functioning and safety
You will acquire full functioning of your plant and all safety relevant components through maintenance work that Alltech regularly performs for you.

Servicing intervals and content
You determine the servicing intervals and scope, you can hereby rely on our recommendations gained through our many years of experience.

Long life time
You can use your Alltech system for at least 20 years. The lifetime of individual components may depending on the operating conditions be shorter, but also here you can rely on Alltech’s experience. You decide together with Alltech which components must be inspected and where applicable replaced.

Spare parts available quickly and for a long time
You order a spare part and it is with in the fastest possible time. Alltech stores all relevant spare parts for you long term.

Assembly components
No nasty surprises: you receive all servicing and maintenance services for the components agreed in advance. 

Support and Availability
For all enquires about your Alltech system you can reach us from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Upon the conclusion of a service contract you can always reach us with an emergency number on a mobile phone.

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