Vajda Papir’s new PM2 tissue machine went into operation in July 2022. Dosing systems from Alltech are part of this state-of-the-art tissue production line, which has a capacity of 80,000 tons per year.

Alltech’s dosing systems are used in process water treatment, as well as in the production of the tissue (tissue paper is an absorbent, finely creped hygiene paper made from cellulose).

Mother tank and dosing stations for feeding additives (wet strength agents) in the production process of tissue paper

As early as May 2022, Alltech supplied a mother tank and dosing stations to Vadja Papir as part of the first stage of the project.

Various additives are dosed into the production process of the sanitary paper to increase the wet strength properties. Other positive effects of using the additives are the improvement of retention and drainage in the production process.

The liquid additives are delivered in IBCs.

The mother tank is a storage and dosing system for the safe handling of standard IBCs (industrial bulk containers).

The IBCs are positioned directly on the mother tank with the help of a forklift or lifting device and completely emptied into it.

The volume of the mother tank allows a new IBC to be emptied with a liquid reserve of 10-50% in the mother tank. This ensures a continuous supply to the dosing system and the timing of the transfer process does not have to be monitored precisely.

The mother tank is placed in a bund, which protects the production environment from chemicals in case of leakage.

The dosing stations are mounted on a wall mounting plate or floor mounted. They are used for the dosing of chemicals into different process sections of the paper production.

Preparation of neat polymer and dosing of retention agent into the production process and for process water treatment.

In the production of paper, the components that later constitute the paper are feeded tot he paper machine as a diluted aqueous slurry and filtered. This process of filtration is improved and sometimes accelerated by retention agents.

“In this process, the quality of the polymer solution used is very important and has a direct influence on the paper quality,” adds Ladislaus Bach, head of marketing and sales at Alltech Dosieranlagen GmbH, who played a leading role in this project.

In a second phase of the project, Alltech supplied another mother tank and a CONTINUFLOC preparation and dosing system with EMMI (the electromechanical mixing system for saving polymer concentrate) and three dosing stations. One dosing station supplies the flotation plant (DAF) with polymer solution for process water treatment. The other two dosing stations supply the paper machine with polymer solution.

CONTINUFLOC systems are fully automatic two-chamber pendulum systems for polymer preparation. For special applications with increased requirements, the CONTINUFLOC can be additionally equipped with an EMMI electromechanical mixing system. This is characterized by optimum concentrate mixing and thus maximum efficiency. This results in reduced material and resource consumption.

The preparation and dosing system used at Vajda Papir produces a maximum of 4000 l/h of ready-to-use polymer solution.

Ladislaus Bach says of the Vajda project: “It was a picture-book start! Careful planning, good preparation and an experienced team enabled a smooth start-up on schedule at the specified time.”