Alltech supplied a chemical storage tank (25m³ usable volume) with dosing station for the C-source dosing of a wastewater treatment plant.

The storage tank complies with accident prevention regulations and is equipped with alarm and safety devices.  The scope of delivery includes a dosing station in a PE protective cabinet with two dosing lines for two dosing points. The control system for setting the dosing capacity via a signal from the wastewater treatment plant’s process control system was also planned by Alltech.

The storage and dosing station are completely designed in accordance with WHG with type approval.

In order to comply with the discharge values for wastewater treatment plants, it is necessary under certain conditions (depending on the discharging plants) to dose carbon sources into the wastewater in order to support the metabolic activity of the microorganisms used for denitrification in the aeration tank of a wastewater treatment plant.

During denitrification by microorganisms, nitrogen bound in nitrate is converted to molecular nitrogen under anaerobic conditions. An additional carbon source is required for wastewater with a high ammonium content, which contains relatively little carbon.

During the aerated phase, ammonium is converted to nitrate. In the non-aerated phase, nitrate is converted to elemental nitrogen, which requires carbon.

Carbon is therefore only added during the non-aerated phase.

Lagerstation und Dosierstation für Chemikalien zur Kohhlenstoff-Quellen-Dosierung

Chemical storage tank and dosing system for C-sources

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