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Alltech has been successfully producing dosing systems for over 30 years. Our customers include national and international companies from the water/sewage treatment, drinking water treatment, power generation, paper, chemical, food and many other industries. 

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  • Efficient wastewater treatment at Perlen Papier, Switzerland
  • Optimization of the WWTP Groß Düngen, Germany
  • Modernization of the WWTP Erlensee, Germany
  • New phosphate elimination at the ARA Windisch, Switzerland  


  • Disinfecting surface water
  • Chemical storage and dosing system for the treatment of drinking water
  • Soda ash solution preparation system for water supply works
  • Chlorine dioxide system for preparing water from Lake Constance 
  • Treatment of cooling water with CONTINUFLOC preparation and dosing system
  • Dosing system for preparing water for a power station 
  • PE tanks, preparation systems and dosing stations for a biogas plant 
  • Preparation and dosing system for the production of hygienic paper
  • Dosing systems for the pulp and paper production
  • Preparation and dosing systems for the production of corrugated paper



  • Demonstration plant to recover phosphorus 



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